Machine Gun Kelly Sweet celebrates 1 year as Megan Fox says ‘I love you’.

Machine Gun Kelly He took to his platform to celebrate the anniversary of a very special moment with his significant other, the actress Megan Fox . The musician revealed that Jennifer’s body star said 3 magic words to her a year ago.

Looking at the post, many fans could not find that the ‘cute’ MGK girl was Megan, the fact that she is in love with him, which she remembers the same real day.

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The man tweeted a year ago that ‘I love you’, ‘obviously celebrating the special day the actress decided to express her feelings for him.

A year is definitely an important milestone, especially when those two are still getting stronger.

Yet, as mentioned earlier, their fans were so sweet that MGK remembers the day Megan spoke those three words and many have made it clear that they now expect the same thing from their own half.

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Here are their responses: ‘Y’ALL TOUT CUTE’. / ‘LADIES, remember that date. We do not settle for anything less! ‘/’ Stop, I’m crying. ‘ / ‘You and Megan are so cute.’ / ‘OW, OMG it’s so sweet.’ / ‘Hey guys, this makes it days after the premiere of the’ Bloody Valentine ‘music video. My heart is full of love for both of them now. ‘/’ You really are the luckiest person in the world. ‘

It doesn’t come long after, MGK also met Megan’s three sons so they are celebrating all sorts of important milestones in the relationship, for the excitement of fans who believe in true love again because of them.

Not only that, but last month, Machine Gun Kelly told the world that Meghan had a drop of blood in her throat that she now wears around her neck.


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