Kevin Clark Dias, School of Rock Drummer Was2

Former child actor Kevin Clark Rock’s school Famous for his role as a fifth-grade drummer in the Jack Black comedy, Clarke was still drumming in the 300s as a musician working in the Chicago area. Sadly, it all came to a sad end after Avendale was hit by a drummer early Wednesday morning while riding his bike in the neighborhood. He was only 322 years old.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Kevin Clark He was riding his bike at around 1:20 am when he was hit by a Hyundai Sonata. He was later found by paramedics at Logan Boulevard and moved to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, but despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Clark was pronounced dead at 2:04 a.m. Hyundai driver, a 20-year-old woman, was quoted as saying. It is unclear if he faces criminal charges.

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Growing up Highland Park in Illinois, Clark was already playing drums at the age of 3, “hitting pots and pans on a musical vessel” starting his music career. Described by his mother, Alison Clark, as the raw genius of the “golden heart,” Clarke was talented enough to secure the role of child drummer in the Jack Black film. Rock’s school. He played Freddie Jones, aka “Spaggie McGee,” one of them Many elementary students forming rock bands With an alternate teacher (black).

“She’s just kind of shining,” Alison said of her son, who had no acting experience. “He took it right away, but he didn’t really act after that.”

Rock’s school Written by Mike White and directed by Richard Linkletter. It follows Struggling rock guitarist (Jack Black) who transforms himself as an alternative teacher into a way to make some quick cash. When he sees how talented the student is, he forms a fifth-grade band to perform with him in the next bat of bands to pay his rent.

He is famous for playing fictional drummers in movies, but Clark does a very real deal. He has played in many bands over the years, most recently performing with Jess Bass and Intentions. Clarke also played with the group a few days ago for the final day, as they made their first live performance on Saturday.

“They were incredibly brilliant and they went somewhere,” Allison said.

“She was motivated and loved to write songs,” added Clark, a five-year-old roommate and Robbie Gold bandmate. “He liked to take a guitar from the wall and make a funny song.”

Clarke’s other musical projects include Dreadwolf and Fuck It Let’s Jam. He also worked as a shift manager at Starbucks, although he did not. He also taught music Rock’s school Location in Libertaville, according to his mother. From beginning to end, music has always been in the musician’s blood.

At this time, our deepest sympathies go with Clark’s mother Alison and her family and the rest of her friends. At only 322, Clark was too young to go. His memory lives on forever, but he will always be remembered. May the soul find peace. This news came from us Chicago Sun Times.

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