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Customers looking for a quality home in Bullely Heads should not miss the opportunity to check out the 1 De Deoder Drive this weekend.

The Palm Springs-inspired new-construction home is something out of the ordinary, not least because it is styled by insects and bugs and will be sold out in full.

Named Palms, the four-bedroom home is a height of luxury with glass stacker doors and a fireplace framed by double-pane and a glass-edge pool, with inbuilt seats and ambient lighting.

This is the best luxury on the beach.

Media_cameraBury AD Heads: 1 De Cedar Drive is the moment from the beach and is the caf सीमा demarcation of the most explored suburb of the coast.

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You can watch it both Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and the sales agents are Ed Cherry of Harcourts Coastal and Colonel Martin of Kingfisher Realty.

The bulletin has you covered when it comes to the full list of open houses.

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The assets of the AFL stars will be transferred in 2021


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