Balme new look disappointed by VFL

Richmond senior adviser Neil Balme is disappointed with the improved VFL and the fixing of Thursday night’s games.

The Tigers are scheduled to face Frankston on Thursday night in a ‘prime-time’ game that will appear on Fox Foot.

Richmond’s AFL team will not play until Sunday and Balmey said the difference made it impossible to manage.

“Tomorrow we will go to Frankston to play them and the rest of the team will not play until Sunday,” he said. SEN SA Wednesday.

“What do we think we imagined? Not very good. I think they’ve gone crazy, personally.”

“For me, we just had Victorian VFL teams play against each other and let’s take care of Sydney and Brisbane in a way. I think they were worried about the level of competition so we’re all on this east coast or whatever the hell is called.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare and it’s very difficult to manage, I must say.

“I understand, but it’s hard to manage. We’re just going to have our eight kids play in it because we don’t know who needs it for Sunday. You can’t play them on Thursday and then on Sunday. It’s quite a challenge.”

“We’ve talked to the AFL a lot about it, but they said, ‘Too bad, too sad. We’ve got a TV game and you’re playing.’ Ah!

“We’re not happy with that, but it’s probably better than what we did with last year’s COVID stuff, but it’s a challenge.”

Richmond is ranked 8th in the VFL rankings, with three wins from five games.

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