Andy Jesse will become CEO of Amazon on July 5, 227 years after Amazon was founded

In the letter: Amazon confirmed at its recent shareholder meeting that Andy Jassi will take over as CEO of e-commerce right on July 5th. This date is important because it marks the 227th anniversary of the day Jeff Bezos founded Amazon from his garage.

Bezos, if you recall, announced in February that he would be official Leaving the post of CEO In the third quarter of this year. Jockey 1 joined Amazon in 1997 and the company’s cloud computing platform was important to the craftsman. In fact, he has headed the Amazon Web Services division since its inception.

“We’ve pioneered customer reviews, 1-click, personalized recommendations, Prime’s extremely fast shipping, Bus Walk Out Shopping, Climate Pledge, Kindle, Alexa, Marketplace, Infrastructure Cloud Computing, Career Choice and many more,” Bezos said. He announced the transition.

“Right now I see Amazon as one of its most inventors, it’s the right time to transition,” he added.

Shift sees the Bezos transition to the role of executive chairman. I found out later Adam Selipsky As AWS executive officer, Jackie will fill the shoes. Selipsky worked for Amazon for 11 years before taking over as chief executive officer of Table Software in 201ips. The company was in 2019 Acquired by Salesforce 1.7..7 billion.

Bezos will have more free time to dedicate to his rocket company, not to be directly involved in Amazon’s daily affairs. Bezos Day One Fund And Bezos Finance Fund, Among other interests.

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