According to reports, Brad Pitt shared custody of his children with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt has been taken into joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie over a long court battle between the two.

Brad Pitt was granted joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie after a long court battle between the divorcing couple.

Pitt fought for the equal rights of his six children for almost a year

Sources close to the issue said There is a page It was a “temporary decision”, Jolie is continuing her legal battle.

Judge John Oderkirk, a two-judge private judge appointed to oversee the case, clarified his views in a recent long-running decision, six months after realizing this, including the Witness service child, Jolie-Pitt children and other child service professionals interviewing. Who was around the family.

“There was a significant change in the custody agreement based on the judge’s extremely detailed decision,” said another source familiar with the matter. There is a page.

“Brad was trying to spend more time with his kids – and it’s clear that Angie did her best to prevent it.

“The issue lasted for a few months and there came * *** witnesses, experts, doctors and other people who were with and around the children, and the decision was based on that.”

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Regarding Jolie’s ongoing fight, a source said: “Joint custody is not an issue that Angelina has denied. There were other concerns as well, but the court proceedings have been closed and closed. ”

Last year, Jolie made a legal bid to disqualify Judge Oderkirk from the case. In a filing Monday, she said she refused to testify for the couple’s children.

Accordingly Associated PressHis lawsuit was filed after a judge “refused to hear a juvenile about his or her experience, needs, or desire for detention,” according to California law that would allow children 1 year of age or older to testify.

Among the children are three teenagers: 1-year-old Pax, 11-year-old Zahra and 1-14-year-old Shiloh. The oldest, Maddox is now 1 and is not subject to a detention decision.

They also have 12-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Jolie also claimed that Ouderkirk refused to listen to the evidence that she alleged was relevant to the child’s safety and health before she issued the order.

There is a page Says it has seen a court filing label, which reads: “Evidence and Proposal of Rights in Support of It: Testimony on Domestic Violence.”

Documents are closed.

“There was a security order around the previous detention system, that is public, and the children’s schedule has been established under the jurisdiction of the Division of Family Services for more than three years,” said a source close to the issue.

The lawsuit was filed in California’s Second District Court of Appeals.

Jolie said the judge had “failed to adequately consider” the California court’s code of conduct and said it would be in the best interests of the child to detain a person with a history of domestic violence.

She did not elaborate on what she was referring to when she filed her case, but her lawyers submitted a document under the seal in March that allegedly offered more information.

In an attempt to disqualify Judge Oderkirk, who was married to Jolie and Pitt in 201 Judges – Jolie’s lawyers went to the Court of Appeal, which is yet to rule on her bid.

If that speech comes to fruition, his ruler is thrown out.

A few days after the alleged fight on a private jet, Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. Pid was accused of abusing Maddox by sources close to him during a flight from France to the United States.

No charges were filed against him.

Jolie’s lawyers said the divorce was “for the health of the family” at the time.

In Pitt’s own filing, the judge said Jolie’s testimony “found a lack of credibility in a very important area, and that the existing detention order between the parties should be amended at Mr. Pitt’s request for the benefit of the children.”

It says Jolie’s objections and further delays in reaching an arrangement “will cause great harm to children, who will be deprived of permanence and stability”.

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