10 Locals Shared What Alberta Does Better Than Ontario & Affordability Kept Coming Up (VIDEO)

Alberta and Ontario both have a lot to offer, and debates about which is the better province to live in are ongoing.

While it’s no secret that there’s a playful rivalry between Eastern and Western Canada, Narcity decided to head down to the streets of Calgary to ask locals exactly what they think Alberta does better than Ontario.

Unsurprisingly affordability came up a lot, from housing to taxes, even each province’s minimum wage..

Several of the people polled claimed it was “more affordable” to live in Alberta and that taxes in Alberta are “better.”

For context, personal income taxes in Alberta range from 10% to 15% (depending on your income bracket) and GST is only 5%.

“Albertans and Alberta businesses continue to pay the lowest overall taxes when compared to other provinces,” according to the Alberta government, with a $14.8 billion tax advantage.

So for a quick comparison, when you’re shopping for goods in Ontario, you’ll pay 13% HST, whereas, in Alberta, you’re only paying 5% GST.

Another local flagged that the western province’s minimum wage is higher but Ontario actually has the province beat on this by 50 cents. Ontario’s minimum wage is $15.50 to Alberta’s $15 but that’s not taking into account either province’s respective cost of living.

Housing was another hot-button topic, which makes sense given Ontario’s wild housing and rental market. A recent study reported that the average rent in Toronto is $2,478 for a one-bedroom compared to Calgary’s $1,448.

But not everyone had something nice to say about Alberta.

When asked what Alberta does better than Ontario, one local cheekily commented, “Nothing.”

Another simply pointed out the province’s AAA Alberta beef, whether that’s an asset or a liability to the average Albertan’s cost of living is hard to say.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.